Your guide to digital entertainment and stories we tell from the team at Adrift.

What is Atlas?

Atlas is a live updated guide book to producing digital entertainment. It is frequently updated with our strategies, techniques and best practices for creating stories.

How to use Atlas?

You can use the guide as reference or jumping off point for your own projects. It is also helpful for those who work with us on branded content.

Who Atlas is for?

The guide is for anyone involved in the creation of stories. From writers to artists, podcast hosts to marketers. At Adrift we feel it's important that everyone has an understanding of the different parts of the creative process.

Explore Atlas

It all starts with a story. This section will help hone your narrative and create meaning from your ideas.
Making things can be hard. This section provides an in-depth look at the tools and processes we use to create content.
🔭Future Formats
Technology is always evolving, as are the way we tell stories. This section documents where we see future of entertainment moving.
🌴Working With Adrift
Adrift works with creators on original projects and organisations on branded content. This section details our ways of working on a story.
We are a creative bunch here at Adrift, sometimes our thoughts don't fit anywhere else. Find those ideas here.